Chapter 7

The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Remote Team
Chapter 7: How to Reward Remote Employees

One of the biggest challenges with remote teams is how to show appreciation and reward great employees. Often listening is the best reward and gestures that show you care will yield the best results.

Celebrate Milestones

Video is great way to celebrate milestones—especially for teams that are spread out. A small gesture like recording a video for one of your employees can have a huge impact. It creates a personal connection when you can congratulate someone in this way. Don’t hesitate to use video to wish your employees a happy birthday or congratulate them on a job well done.

Pay for Professional Membership

It’s the thought that counts when it comes to helping your employees create the perfect work environment for themselves. A great way to show your appreciation is to pay for your employees to become a member of an industry association in their area. Similarly, if your employees don’t really like working at home, you could offer to pay for a membership to a co-working space membership. Whatever is in your budget!

Purchase a Magazine Subscription

Magazines subscriptions are a great way to reward your employees. They’re affordable and they can remind your employee of your appreciation year round. Even if you’re far apart, subscriptions can be purchased online and delivered in their area.

Organize a Team Retreat

This may be out the budget for a lot of new companies, but team getaways are an incredible way to show your appreciation and build community within your team. If there’s room in the budget and you’re working with your team long-term, seriously consider getting everyone together for a meet-up once in a while.

Send Them to a Conference

Conferences can be quite expensive for individual employees but affordable for companies. Reward your hard working employees by sending them to an industry conference. Especially if there’s something going on their city. You’ll only be responsible for the conference admission and your company will reap the benefits of their professional development. (Conferences are also a great place for team meet-ups!)

Make a Donation

Making a donation in someone’s honour is a classic way to show some appreciation. Find out what your employees care about and make a donation to a cause that matters to them. The amount doesn’t matter. Showing that you’re willing to support something that’s important to them will have a tremendous effect.

Order a Gift Online

You can still reward remote employees with a traditional gift—even if they’re across the globe. Online shopping makes it easy to send a gift to almost anywhere in the world without incurring a huge expense. Find the local Amazon or other web store and have a small gift sent to their home.

Making someone care is achieved by knowing enough about them that you can choose a reward that shows you listen.

And sometimes you have just got to ask. What are your goals? How Can I help? For some people the best reward is time off. For others it is more responsibility. Everyone may be different but I guarantee your employees want to be appreciated.


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