The next steps

In the first weeks after the official launch of, we were already lucky to receive some very valuable user feedback. While we’ve implemented some smaller updates, we’re now thinking about the next enhancements.

The first extension will be a “reminder mail” the users can receive on a daily or weekly base. This shall support the habit of “regular writing”, which is – I mentioned it already – the key to a successful use of The new option will be available by next week. Of course, the reminder mails can also be disabled, because the last thing we want is to bug our users with unsolicited mails! 🙂

The next enhancement (already in development) is a super-simple categorization and filter solution based on hashtags.

We’re also evaluating a lot of other ideas for interesting new features, but we’ll take care that only really useful ones will find their way into the system. Otherwise, would be far too complicated soon… no way!

What about you? Do you use and do you have ideas how to make it better? Please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. Thanks!