Let’s go!

It’s been a long way, but now it’s finally here: We’ve just released the initial version of teamspir.it, our “productivity and motivation log book” for teams!

Who is behind this?

We are Peter and Carsten, the founders of inveris, the Germany-based development company behind teamspir.it. We sometimes call ourselves “coding robots”, and I must admit that this is an appropriate description most of the time… 😉

What’s the idea behind teamspir.it?

Well, we’ve been doing internet consulting and development for more than 15 years. In the daily agency life we and our team colleagues often rather worked next to each other instead of with each another. In retrospective, this led to dramatic consequences: communication, know-how exchange, recognition and working atmosphere suffered more and more each year. Furthermore, lessons learned over the years faded away and therefore many mistakes were repeated over and over again.

In the end, it has been a hard lesson to learn, but we knew we had to stop this downward spiral – and we did! This is why we’ve developed teamspir.it: We want to provide an easy to use web/email based application team colleagues can share, durably archive and reflect (internal) news/achievements, feedback, recognition, knowledge and emotions with. Our own experiences show that this simple approach is a great source for motivation and a productive and friendly working climate! Also, teamspir.it gives all team members the ability to look back and learn from the lessons of the past. (“The team writes its own story.”)

Apropos, teamspir.it is not another project management tool or to-do list app, we call it an “anti to-do list”! You can read the whole story on the teamspir.it website.

Who’s teamspir.it intended for?

Using teamspir.it is primarily suitable for small agencies as well as project teams of larger companies – no matter if it’s about the documentation of the company’s development or about a temporary project.

Is that everything?

No. With teamspir.it, we’re at the starting point now and we’ve got plenty of ideas for additional features and improvements. But this blog isn’t about our ideas, it’s about yours! The further development of teamspir.it will be closely based on its users’ suggestions. So if you’ve got any feedback for us, please leave a comment or drop us a line!

Oh, by the way: In this blog we’ll also cover topics like motivation, productivity, work-life-balance and happiness at work in general.

So far, so good… we appreciate your feedback!

Your coding robots