Hello Kathmandu!

Yesterday I happened to notice our first visitor from Nepal. Unfortunately she/he didn’t sign up, so I’m not able to submit my greetings to the top of the world personally. Maybe next time… 😉


We’ve officially launched teamspir.it almost two weeks ago, now it’s time for a first résumé: First of all, “launch” maybe isn’t the right word, because we’d consciously decided not to try to start with a “big buzz”. We chose the way of a quiet but well-thought-out start instead.

Why? Because we are realistic and aware that teamspir.it is neither a revolution nor will it change the whole world – ok, maybe a little bit. 😉 We’re also aware that our main target audience (small teams) doesn’t care about boring press releases or anything like that. BTW: No “relevant” news site cares about projects without “revolution ambition” plus a large VC funding or an already known founder. So we don’t waste time with such nonsense.

For us, the key is to get in touch with the right people and to establish sustainable partnerships. Of course, these people are not only our users but also specialists in the areas of motivation, team building/organization, productivity and leadership that share our main goal: Making work more productive and enjoyable. We’ve already gotten to know some very nice persons from all over the world and received surprisingly positive feedback. So we’re now even more sure that with teamspir.it, we’re working on the right thing!

On the user side, we registered about 1.300 visits by approx. 850 unique visitors within the last 10 days, mostly from Asia (India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia) as well as from the US and Canada. This resulted in 25 signups so far. Ok… not many, but this is not so bad due to the fact that teamspir.it is still (almost) “invisible”. As you can see, authenticity and honesty are two of our core values, therefore we don’t deal with fake numbers or percentage values that don’t have any force of expression.

Wishing you all the best


Photo by Adrian Sulc (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons